Why do we need the Sun Text Project?


Skin cancer is a major public health issue in Australia. The University of Queensland researchers want to help reduce the number of sunburns in young Queenslanders. We also want to find unique, effective and contemporary ways of delivering health behaviour messages to young people.

Who is conducting the study and who funds it?

This project is being undertaken as part of a research project on behalf of the University of Queensland (UQ), in partnership with University of Arizona and Cancer Council Australia. This project is funded by the Harry Lloyd Trust, a leading international U.S agency in cancer research. The funding body will not have access to personally identifying information about you that may be obtained during the project.

What are the possible benefits for me?

The SMS messages may assist you to improve your sun protection behaviours. Another benefit is that you will be helping the researchers at the University of Queensland in trying to reduce the very high impact that skin cancer and skin aging has among people in Australia.

To compensate you for your contribution should you choose to participate, the research team will provide all participants the chance to enter a prize draw to win one of 10 x $200 gift vouchers.

What about my privacy and confidentiality?

All comments and responses will be treated confidentially unless required by law.  Any data collected as part of this project will be stored securely as per QUT’s Management of research data policy. Please note that non-identifiable data collected in this project may be used as comparative data in future projects or stored on an open access database for secondary analysis.

Are there risks involved in my participation?


The risks of participation in this project are minimal and are not expected to exceed what would normally be experienced in day-to-day life. Some people may feel distressed or uncomfortable when thinking about health-related issues, especially if they know someone who has had skin cancer. If you do experience distress at any time, you can call Prof Monika Janda on (07) 3176 4569 for support or referral to counselling services if required.

You can also contact the Cancer Council helpline on 13 11 20 if you have any questions about cancer.

Can anyone participate?

Anyone who is aged 18 to 40 years and living in Queensland, Australia can participate in this project.


Can I withdraw?


You can withdraw from the study at any time by contacting the principal investigators of your decision at

If you do not wish to enrol in this research project you do not need to contact the researchers because we do not have your contact details. 

Call us:

07 3176 4569

Text us:

0438 570 300

The University of Queensland